Saturday, August 2, 2008

Mid-summer questions

We've been enjoying the sunny warm days we've been having at the lake. There's been a few issues popping up in the garden and wondering if you bloggers can tell me what you would do or have done in similar situations.

OK, I'll share the fun stuff first - the white liatris is here!

I love these Q-tip shaped flowers. My girls always comment about how cool they look in the garden.

Combination of Sedona and Rainbow Volcano coleus. I initially liked the orange but a lot of the leaves faded fast. I prefer the red, actually.

I posted earlier on this blog about messing up at the nursery and buying a "Stargazer" oriental lily instead of an asiatic. Well, this is actually what I got when it bloomed. It looks nothing like a Stargazer. Does anybody know what I have here? Jury is still out on whether I like it or not. It probably would look really nice with purple.

This is the area that I recently "created" it was full of overgrown (and old) spireas that did nothing to the landscape. It's a mostly shade spot but gets more sun toward the Annabelle's at the end. I put a lot of my flat sale plants here - albeit temporarily.

On to the problem areas ...

This silvermound should be huge - at least twice this size and by this same time last summer, I had already sheared it back. It looks as it has little beads at the tip of its leaves - almost as if the growth was stunted somehow. Symmetrically, it fits into my garden but I know it's not completely right.

This container used to burst with color and now, my million bells have nearly disappeared. Too much heat? Too much water or fertilizer? Even the Marguerite daisies are a fraction of their blooms (and size). Thankfully, the sweet potato vine is happy or else this really would be an eye-sore.

How do you tidy up daylilies? Do you clip the pods after blooming? Will they come back? These Stella D' Oros were here when we moved in and I've divided them at least three times in the last five years because they get so big. I know the Renegade Gardener thinks these are the most overrated plant out there. I tend to agree. They are grossly overused in commercial and residential landscapes.

Happy Birthday Peggy!


Naturegirl said...

I just had to stop by and say Hello!
Seeing your Annabelles on blotanical..(I'm also listed there)
well I rushed right over to see one who loves her Annabelles as much as I!I've posted about mine lateley.
I also have St.Francis in my garden and Stargazers too!!
Very intereting fact.Several of my Stargazers this year have turn ((((yellow!!)))) It's a mystery to me too?? Nice meeting you and your garden.
:) naturegirl from Nature Trail

ChrisND said...

Love your Q-tips :-)... I can't help much with your problems, but I have noticed many things in our garden are undersized this year. Maybe a combination of the weather patterns this year (cooler spring, warmer and drier weather now).

Vanillalotus said...

The liatris looks great! What a fun plan that is. The coleus are gorgeous. Don't know about your silvermound or the million bells and daisies, wish I could help and give you tips.

For the daylilies I think if you don't see any more buds on the stem and you don't want to save the seeds you can just cut back the stem and they will produce another one. If you leave the stem it will eventually brown and dry and you can yank them up.

Vanillalotus said...

By the way the lily looks like it is an orange tiger lily. I'm not 100% sure but from my search it looks very similar. Or maybe Lilium leichtlinii. It looks pretty to me.

Beth said...

Hi Naturegirl - I'm glad to hear that your Stargazers turned out a little wacky too! Wow - I wonder if that will happen next year too or if this is just a freak year.

Chris - speaking of freak year, I think you're right on the button about the weather pattern here. I have heard so many comments from other gardens around here that "this didn't work" or "this plant is 2 weeks behind". Kinda frustrating actually when you think how short our growing season is to begin with!

Vanillalotus - thanks for visiting my blog. I'll try that on the daylilies - even if I don't get anymore blooms at least the plant will look cleaner. Thanks for the tip on the orange tiger lily - I'll research that some more (read Naturegirl's comments too)

Susie said...

Hi Beth, Found your blog from Blotanical. Your gardens and blooms look great! I enjoyed looking at your posts.

Beth said...

Welcome Susie! and thanks for stopping by.

Mr. McGregor's Daughter said...

Your Silvermound Artemsia is going to bloom. Those round things are buds. If you don't want the blooms (they're pretty lame) shear them off. Poor Stella just can't get a break! I deadhead my Daylilies every morning & cut back the stems when the last one on the stalk fades. They look better & will rebloom better that way.

Beth said...

MMG: I will give that a try on the Stellas and see if that helps - thanks for stopping by!

George Africa said...

Hi Beth;

Came across your lilium picture and wanted to comment. Lilies do not change color like some think so in this case you somehow planted something other than the Stargazers you wanted. The yellows look to me like they have some lancifolium background but I'm not sure. They obviously grow well but aren't the color you wanted. The North American Lily Society website or the Pacific Northwest Lily Society site should be helpful.

I gave up planting more lilies this year after over twenty years and tens of thousands of lilies. The lily leaf beetle has finally made it to this part of Vermont and they are a devastating insect. I am always curious if others have spotted them. They are 3/8" long, bright red on back, black underneath--legs and antennae. Let me know if you see any.

George Africa
The Vermont Gardener
Vermont Gardens
Vermont Flower Farm

Beth said...

Welcome George from Vermont! What a beautiful state you live in. I've been Bennington a few times and a few other places - what a lovely state.

I haven't noticed the beetle that you described - at least not in my garden. I'll ask my sister-in-law as she plants a few more varieties. Thanks for the tip - I'll be on the lookout for them.