Friday, October 10, 2008

So long for now ...

It's at about this time where I take a hiatus from my garden blog. The garden is nearly put to bed although there are some things that look as good now as they did back in July (especially the geraniums). North Dakota got its first taste of snow last night (thankfully on the western side of the state) so I know it's gotta be coming our way soon. Ugh ....

With the end of fall comes the beginning of our son's senior hockey season that we have been looking forward to a lot. Coupled with the girls' activities - it will be a busy five months. These are all good things - just very exhausting! I am also preparing myself for gallbladder surgery next week. The sooner the better as I've been quite miserable for some time .... it's no fun not being able to enjoy all the food I like to eat!

I have met lots of very cool people this year - it's been a treat. I hope to stop by your blogs throughout the winter and see what you are up to. Thanks to all who have been faithful readers - you make it all worthwhile. We'll connect again after the new year.

Best wishes,