Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Flat sale

My neighborhood "white hoop" shop "The Plant Ranch" is closing up for the summer. Along side of their tent was the greeting "Flat Sale - $8.00". I had to stop in.

The Plant Ranch is famous for the "99 cent perennial". Of course, with the price of gas and the general state of economy, the 99 cent perennial soon became the $1.29 this year - still a good bargain. They have hundreds of perennials - grown locally in little Pekin, North Dakota. The selection is superb - if you're a patient gardener and can live with a small cutting of something. Me? I'm impatient by nature but I decided that this is a great time to try some new things - since I'll have a new part-sun area come fall.

I was surprised at the wide selection this late in the year and how good their stock looked. I had 10 minutes to get home so I did a quick shop and here's what I took home:

Grasses: Korean Feather Reed Grass, Blue Hair Grass, New Zealand Wind Grass and, I couldn't help myself, "Heavy Metal" Switchgrass. Rock on dude! I've been Googling photos all night of these. I'm especially excited for the Korean Feather Reed Grass.

Perennials: I am finally trying a "Camelot Lavender" foxglove, an "Alba" Armeria, St. Johannis Anthemis (which came up as chamomile online), Campanula "Blue Clips", Gayfeather and Eupatorium "Chocolate" - which looked really cool online. It has purpley chocolate leaves with small white flowers. Has anybody grown this?

I also picked up a few New Guinea impatiens to bright up a shady spot. All this, ladies and gentlemen, cost me a whopping $8.00. Now that's what I call a good day.

Here's a few favorites right now in the garden ...

Gazania Tiger Mix - I wish these stayed open all day long instead of just when the sun was out!

Profusion white zinnias.

"White Swan" coneflowers - always a favorite.


ChrisND said...

Such a great deal in our own backyard...nice to see another ND blog. From your previous post, I like your garden. Not surprising we have some of the same plants. I am lucky enough to have a fenced backyard (required for our dog - Dakota), so the wildlife damage is minimal.

Beth said...

Hey Chris - thanks for stopping by. It's been a weird growing season. Some things are behind, somethings while some plants are exceeding expectatons. Just goes to show the fickleness of North Dakota weather. I'll have to check out your blog to see what you're growing!

Eve said...

I think I might give those beautiful yellow flowers a go. I have eternal Sunshine down here on the Coast. You photos are great.

Beth said...

Thanks Eve - the gazanias have been a pleasant surprise. They definitely need pinching back to sustain their blooms. I would imagine they would like the southern heat and sunshine!

Neza said...

Hi, I like your blog...I have some of the same flowers! Maybe it's a Minnesota-North Dakota thing.
LOVE the Gazanias- Zany name!

Take care.
The Rock and Roll Gardener

Beth said...

Hi Neza - yes, I do believe it's a Minnesota-ND thing. We probably know from trial and error what does and does not work in this wacky climate.

Kerri said...

Hi Beth, thanks for stopping by and saying hello :)
Wow, what a deal! I would definitely call that a good day.
Your back porch and yard look lovely with the pretty containers and garden. It's hard to fight the critters. We're pretty lucky. No fence, but the deer have plenty to eat elsewhere, apparently, because they leave my gardens alone, thank heavens. A skunk dug up a few plants recently that I'd just put in. He also sprayed our house cat. Fun and games!
That's too bad about your Annabelle Hydrangea. Wish I had one.
Happy planting!

Nancy J. Bond said...

The gazanias are stunning! So bright and cheery!

Northern Shade said...

It's fun to plan a new bed, especially when you picked up the new plants at such a good deal. Soon your new grasses will be blowing in the wind, except the switchgrass might be thrashing in the wind.