Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Taste test in the garden

I found this fun garden quiz from the blog Cold Climate Gardening - actually dubbed a "taste test." Copy this list into your own blog and highlight your own choices in bold. I did vary this slightly from the original - basically to accommodate my gardening style ...

1. Lilies: oriental or asiatic?

2. No-till or till? We still prefer to use a shovel. Let's clarify that ... MY HUSBAND prefers to still use a shovel.

3. Bare hands or garden gloves? (I won't be hired to do any Sally Hansen ads, that's for sure)

4. Garden tchotchkes, no or yes? (I highlighted both as I do have small things in my garden to add interest: child's tricycle, small statue, bird feeder.... But if you're thinking gnomes, Disney characters or a God-awful, bloomer-showing cutout of a lady bent over weeding - than NO!

5. Purple coneflowers or black-eyed susans?

6. Do you normally plant in odd numbers - yes or no

7. Stella D' Oro daylilies - love 'em or hate 'em (sorry!)

8. Petunias: Of course or they have their place just not in my garden

9. Bachelor buttons or zinnias?

10. Impatiens: double or single?

11. Do you plant marigolds? Yes or no? (and several varieties)

12. Arborvitae or juniper?

13. What do you like to use for edging in your garden? Right now, it's field rock. Looks very cool.

14. Asters or mums?

15. Least favorite garden chore: Weeding or watering

16. Morning glory or clematis?

17. Favorite trailing plant? Sweet potato vine

19. Orange or pink?

18. Best gardening advice: Compost!

19. Barberry bushes or spireas?

20. Garden bed shapes: formal or informal?

21. Do you listen to music when you garden? Yes or No

22. Least favorite garden critter: rabbits

23. Sedum: dried flowerheads standing over the winter or cut down in the fall?

24. The flower that always makes me smile: Cosmos

25. Garden stroll time: dusk or dawn? (But really, is there EVER a bad time?)

Make your own taste known! Append! Amend! Object! Applaud!

That's the fun part ...


Kathy said...

It is a fun little quiz. I modified it from the original myself.

Beth said...

Hi Kathy - thanks for posting it. I had fun doing it!