Saturday, July 19, 2008

Another open canvas ...

My co-worker Jane and I went on our annual garden tour of homes this week. I wish I took pictures of this one home - it was definitely worth sharing in the blogworld and a source of inspiration. Ponds were a very common theme at many homes. To me, it's a lot of work and most of them had live fish in them. Yuck ... I'm terrified of fish (love to eat 'em, just don't ask me to touch or look at them). That story is worth a blog entry on its own ... but let's just stick to flowers!

When I got home that day, I realized just how lame my landscape really is! :o( Ok, maybe that's too harsh - I'm learning to do the right things but I find my growing space and circumstances are a little trickier than the gardens that I was attracted to. Most were smaller and completely fenced in with little chance of garden predators. Plus, I think most of the people were close to or already retired and can devote countless hours to development, hard labor and TLC. I'm green with envy ...

This is the view from my deck each morning. Our property extends past the evergreens onto a major county highway. We are also next to a river so I get all kinds of wildlife walking through the backyard. Our development covenent also prohibits fencing so to try and block that off is a mute point. I've simplified this area and have kept most of the garden space near the deck where the animals are less likely to venture. So far, so good this year!

Jane suggested that I develop another area off the deck - still far away from the back but yet close enough to me to enjoy. The area is sloped - which means I'll have to add a lot of black dirt to level it off. This partial-fence area (I don't know how it got past the developer) sits in partial-shade. Jane offered the services of her wonderful husband and his tiller and would be willing to dig this up for me for fall transplanting. Linda, from Garden Girl, do you make house calls to North Dakota?!

Here's what else is going on this week ...

My ligularia "Little Rocket" is flourishing in the front garden. Wow - I love these. I also have the "Othello" but that doesn't show any blooms - lots of leaf activity though. I hope that's not a bad sign. This one is planted in partial sun - but mostly shade and it seems to suit it perfectly. I have another in the back that gets more sun and I see it looks a little more stressed. Put that one down on the list of things to move this fall.

I purchased this hummelo betony on the clearance sale at one nursery last fall. I knew nothing about the plant and it offered no blooms last season. I'm enjoying what it's doing now. It's planted next to my "Helen von Stein" lambs ear and rudebekia.

The coral reef monarda are begging to show their color. I planted this one next to the "Cherry" profusion zinnias which form a nice burst of pink.

New things I've put in the ground this week from the "clearance rack":

  • "Arizona Sun" Gaillardia - I gotta try this one more time!

  • False indigo

  • "Baby Gold" Goldenrod

Need to go ... I gotta yank out some unsightly spireas.


Connie said...

Your garden flowers are looking great! BTW, I have a Star gazer lily an it's a beauty. One flower scents the whole house with it's fragrance.

Beth said...

Oh good Connie! I was beginning to think that I made a mistake. I think it's a few weeks away from blooming. I'll post a photo - thanks for stopping by.

Barbee' said...

I thought the creeping sedum was cushion spurge; it looked so much like it in the photo.

You surely made a good haul at that plant sale, wish places here would reduce prices near end of season. I asked about it at a few places, but they return them to the growers and get credit for them.

I am partial to the Profusion Zinnias in all their colors. Last year I bought a three-pack of Dusty Miller that I didn't want, just to get the orange Profusion Zinnia that had come up in one of them. I had the perfect place for it and it bloomed, and bloomed.

You surely have a lovely view from your deck. I love the large conifers. So pretty and peaceful looking. Enjoyed the story about the storm, too. That wasn't peaceful!! Whew, scary!

Beth said...

Hi Barbee: I planted 4 colors of the Profusions: cherry, orange, fire and white and I have to say I preferred the white and cherry over the orange varieties. My orange got very spindly (sp?) But the white and pink were very compact and grew like crazy. They are a must in next year's garden. I wish I would have discovered these years ago.

Terra farmer said...

Beautiful garden but the view from the deck is something! I'd feel rejuvenated enough to take on the world if I woke up to a view like that! Every morning!