Sunday, June 13, 2010

Oh Caesar's Brother where art thou?

I never was a huge fan of irises. I called them the "devil" once to a neighbor, as I found them to be very pesky in the garden with their deep roots and mangy growing habits. It wasn't until a few years ago, that I decided to give them another try.

I found the Siberian Iris "Caesar's Brother" and irises are back on my good side. I love the compact clump it makes and the bright purple blooms. They are nothing like the iris that were at our previous house and I'm glad I didn't discount them altogether. Caesar's Brother is nestled between coneflowers (which have yet to bloom) and this petite "East Friesland" salvia in the front garden bed.

These gloriosa daisies have a very odd leaf/bloom shape to them this year -and are definitely different than others that I have in a different spot of my garden. Does this look normal?

One of my goals this year is to plant a perennial that has the name of each one of my children. Without getting into too many details ... I have two plants that have done just that ... I have three very stately hydrangeas, I just added this loosestrife (can anyone guess the name) and now I'm on the lookout for a plant with the name of "Kate" in it.

Any suggestions?


Susie said...

Beth, we had spiderwort at work with a variety called "Kate". It had pretty purple blooms with a light green foliage. I really like the plant myself.

I think your gloriosa daisy looks normal. But I could be wrong.

Hope everything is good in your neck of the woods.

Beth said...

Hi Beth, I was going to suggest tradescantia sweet Kate, and Susie had the same idea! It is a very pretty plant with its almost chartreuse foliage and purple/blue flowers. If you'd like to see it, I have a photo of it in this post:

By the way, I love the Nigella pictured on your header! I just love those old-fashioned plants, don't you?
Hope all is well with you.

Kim in Fargo, ND said...

Beth, it's a little hard to see details in your photo but the combination of yellow leaves and deforemed flowers might point to Aster Yellows. Have you had that in your garden before?

Shel Bell said...

There is Lady Kate peony too!

Beth said...

HI Susie - looks like you and Beth are on the same page with the spiderwort. I have yet to see that in nurseries around here ... might have to mail order that one ... Glad you think my daisy looks normal. It's a goofy looking plant right now, don't you think?

Beth: I will check that out on your blog. The nigella was one of my favorites from last year. I was going to try the pink nigella but ran out of time and didn't order seeds. Next year!!!!

Kim: I haven't tried Aster Yellows but what's funny is that these exact plants bloomed as gloriosa daisies last year and look completely different this year. I think it's the gardener! :O)

ShelBell: Thanks for the tip! I'll look it up.

Northern Shade said...

The blue iris and salvia make a good combination, very pretty together. The colour and markings on Caesar's brother make it very attractive.

Melanie said...

Beth, I've grown tradescantia (spiderwort) 'Sweet Kate' for a number of years here. One word of caution, it does throw seedlings and none of them are that nice chartreuse color.

I still have 'Sweet Kate' in the garden, I've just learned to be ruthless about pulling out her babies.

Beth said...

NS: My campanula is doing great too! Thanks for all the suggestions from a post you had a year or two ago ...

Melanie: I'm glad you told me about that. I have a catmint that is the same way. I am constantly pulling out babies. I have no problem being ruthless in the garden! :O)

Cro Magnon said...

Don't give up with Irises, there are some really beautiful varieties. If you spot something you like in someone's garden, just ask for a piece of root. Most gardeners are generous folk.

Greetings from France. Cro.

Kerri said...

The gloriosas do look strange to me, Beth. I think Kim may have nailed the problem but I don't know much about it.
I'm not seeing that double rusty one I had last year, but there are plenty with lovely rusty centers.
I'm glad to know that at least some of your gloriosas are doing well and that you have enough to share :)
Your iris are beautiful, especially with the salvia.
I was given a small Sweet Kate plant by a gardening friend this summer. It's beautiful and my friend says it's not unruly like the common spiderwort, but I haven't had to deal with the babies yet :)
Is your loosestrife "Golden Alexander"? Hydrangea "Annabelle"? I like guessing games ;)

Conrad said...

I like Siberian iris because even when not in bloom they still have nice foliage.

The Full Circle Gardener said...

You take such nice pictures. I really enjoyed looking through them & dreaming of spring. ;)