Friday, June 4, 2010

My darling Clementine!

Last year I raved about the Clementine Columbine and how I was going to try different varieties. Well, they are blooming now ... let me know what you think.

Clementine Blue. Love the deep violet.

Clementine Red ... much like the Rose I planted last year that's at the top of the banner of my blog.

Clementine White ... it's just ok for me. Not nearly as showy as the colorful varieties. Clementine Salmon Rose was a no show, unfortunately.

This was a plant from the free garden .... any ideas on what it is ... it kind of looks like a Forget-Me-Not but it's about 8'' tall. I'm stumped.

I had a lack of spring bloomers but my "Silver Princess" Shasta Daisy was a nice addition. I love daisies - kind of like Meg Ryan's character in one of my favorite movies, "You've Got Mail." Daisies - they're so happy!

Help me out here! My master gardener friend said I dug up a weed from that free garden dig. I think it's a sedum. Look at the rubbery leaves?!?!?'' Any ideas?

Every nice shady spot deserves a coleus. I couldn't resist this "Colorblaze Dipt In Wine". I have it in a cream can on my deck.

I planted this new "Fanal" astilbe in the front of the house. It really looks red against the green of the hosta but it's actually a lovely raspberry color.

The rest of the weekend I'll be digging out rock to add some shrubs in a new firepit area that we cleared out. It seems as if some friendly chipmunks found a cozy home in our hot tub over the winter and ate right through the electrical wiring. We were pretty bummed because the hot tub is not worth fixing. So we thought, "Let's make this area a nice fire pit spot!" And so the project begins .... I'll leave that for another post!


Susie said...

The clementine blue gets my vote. That's a beautiful color. Sorry I don't know about your mystery plant of the possible "weed". It does look kind of like a sedum but I couldn't see it good enough.

I haven't really heard how bad the oil is on the MS coast just yet. I know it won't be good.

Hope things are good in your neck of the woods.

Beth said...

Susie, I think I'm with you on the blue. I'm thinking about taking that mystery plant to the nursery and asking them. If it's a weed, it's taking up valuable space in my garden! :O)

garden girl said...

Hi Beth! I love columbines, and clementine is a beautiful blue.

Your mystery plant could be sedum - like Susie I couldn't tell for sure.

Northern Shade said...

The blue flowered plant is flax (Linum). They are short lived perennial, but they reseed easily. I dig up the new seedlings and move them where I want them. They are easy to pull out and get rid of, if you don't want them, but they make a nice garden plant. In full bloom they make a pretty cloud of blue.

The Clementine Columbine are very pretty. It's fun to find a plant you really like and try them all out.

Beth said...

Linda: Yup, I'm convinced it's a sedum too ... but I have to admit the buds on it are a bit unusual.

NS: You nailed it! Thank you!!! You would think a North Dakota girl like me would know what flax looks like. Sheesh! :O)

Beth said...

Beth, Your columbines are beautiful! I love your garden and have been following your blog for a year or so...missed you over the winter - :0) but I know how it is in the colder climes - what's a girl to photograph? hahaha
I hope you get your antique sundial as well as your firepit, Beth!
Also, you asked if I found catmint invasive. I guess I don't know yet, since I just planted them last year....hmmm, they have grown considerably over the year but don't seem to be seeding themselves in other areas of the garden. I will monitor them, though! Thanks for the heads up!

Roses and Lilacs said...

HI Beth, love your columbines especially the pinks! I think your blue mystery flower is flax. I've heard lots of gardeners say this is a favorite of theirs. It should reseed and give you a little clump of blue flowers, pretty.

Good luck with your firepit project.

Kerri said...

It was so nice to hear from you, Beth! I'm glad to know the Gloriosas and Larkspur are flourishing. I wonder if I'll have any rusty shades this year. They always remind me of you :)
I had Flax in a wildflower mix last year. They're a dainty flower and such a pretty blue. Love those Columbines!
I'll be interested to know if your other mystery plant turns out to be a sedum. Sure looks like one.
Aren't daisies cheerful? Mine are a lovely cloud of white at the moment.
Bummer about the hot tub. Critters can do so much damage.
The firepit area sounds like a great way to save the situation though.
You did well with the free perennials. What a great opportunity! It's rather sad that a gardening couple didn't buy that house.
Hope you have a wonderful gardening year!

Rosey said...

Everything is looking fantastic. I love Coleus too... they can survive under my shady deck.

Loved these varieties of Columbine. They are exquisite!

TS said...

The blue mystery plant is linum. The common name is flax. Shear it back by half after it blooms so it doesn't get leggy. Your other mystery plant looks like a type of lychinis (Latin name). The most common form of lychinis is rose campion. I'm not sure if it grows in ND. Great blog!! Go Fighting Sioux!!!