Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Pinks, purples and bye-bye juniper

Recent rains have brought some new color into the garden. I was so excited to see what this centaurea montana was going to look like. So far there's just one bloom but there's more to come. This plant has really taken off and is probably one of the healthiest in the front yard right now.

This perennial geranium "Alpenglow" is front and center in a bed near the berm. It looks fantastic next to my purple salvia.

Not much different from the Alpenglow is my "Max Frei". Doesn't get as large as the Alpenglow but the color is nearly identical.

I posted this Firewitch dianthus in one of my first blog posts two years ago - and it continues to be one of the most popular pages on my blog. People obviously like their dianthus! Honestly - it's hard to beat the beauty of the plant and impossible to not notice when walking or driving by the house.

I attempted cleome from seed but it just didn't seem to take off as I had hoped, so I cheated. (I clearly admit I'm an impatient gardener.) I bought two from the flower shop and it's a striking companion plant with the salvia.

I bought this Northern Lights tufted hair grass recently. It really lights up the landscape with the golden hues. What I liked most is that it only needed part sun and that's where I had some holes to fill.

I committed a cardinal sin of gardening. I didn't read the package label to my California poppies very carefully and now I have an issue.
I did not thin the poppy sprouts when they started to grow. Now I have this huge patch and to try and thin them now might be tough. I tried pulling a few and the roots were quite deep already and I ended up yanking out about 6 healthy seedlings. Do you think I'll still get blooms? Any ideas?
Sayonara juniper!

My patient hubby took out that blasted tree last weekend. We tried cutting the top off first and it looked brutal. Finally, he said - "I never liked that damn tree anyway" and out it went.
I brought in some dirt and compost and that area is prime for growing. It gets a good 5 hours of sun each day. I put in some rudbekia, more columbine, monarda, profusion zinnias, a "Butter and Sugar" iris that was underperforming in another area and a new cushion spurge.

One of the first things I put in the old juniper space was another clematis (more good advice from Connie at Notes from a Cottage Garden). This Jackmanii Superba will crawl on the pole near the water spout.

More rain on the way today ....


Susie said...

Girl could you send me some of that rain? Today when I got into my car after work the thermometer said 100 degrees. And guess what? We haven't had rain in over two weeks. Everything in my yard is going to croak!

Oh well, I guess I'll have to enjoy yours because it looks great. I know you had to be so happy to get rid of that tree.

Beth said...

Hi Susie - well, I think we're getting your heat today. 85 degrees and humidity. Yuck! I don't know how Southerners do it - you probably ask the same of us when it gets below zero here I'm sure!

I've lovin' my new space without the juniper. I wish I had done it sooner.

Lynn said...

Hi Beth,
Here is what the tag says from my creeping Zinnias:
Sanvitalia - Babyini - Creeping Zinnia
Grows in Full Sun
H-W 10"x18"
Originally found growing on Aztec ruins in Mexico, this cute little gem forms neat mats of rich green foliage that studded with little golden-yellow daisies all summer long. Reliable, carefree and foolproff. Fertalize twice monthly
Here is the website:
They came in quart pots. I have been looking for them for 2 years after seeing them in a magazine. They are great!!!
Everything is looking great at your house...
Have a great weekend...

Susie said...

Happy Birthday Beth! I hope you have a wonderful day!!!

Beth said...

Lynn: Thanks for the info on the creeping zinnias. I'm going to search for them around here.

Susie: Thanks for the birthday greeting! I don't feel a day over 32! :O) No big plans for me, relax at home with the kids, listen to the Twins game and enjoy my view of the gardens. Does life get much better than that?

Anonymous said...

I'm visiting via Susie's blog. What pretty flowers and beautiful colors. Here in Ga, I have very good luck with cleome from seed. We are so dry and hot, the garden is already suffering.
I see you recently had a birthday. Best wishes for the year ahead and happy 4th!