Tuesday, June 9, 2009

One of my new favorite flowers

I've fallen in love with columbine. Not just any columbine - the Clementine variety.

I selected the columbine "Clementine Rose" on a whim last year from my favorite perennial stop - the Plant Ranch. There had to be 10-12 different columbines to choose from on the clearance sale and for some reason I choose this one. What a beauty she has turned out to be. It is so nice that I went back to the Plant Ranch this week and bought every Clementine variety I could find - blue, white, red and the salmon rose. I loved their compact shape and the petite blooms.

Right now, my garden lacks color. It hasn't helped that we've had a cold spring. We had rain over the weekend and that was a definite boost - now we just need warmth!

This is about the only other thing blooming - the chives. But they sure look good! I planted a lot of purple and pink this year. I wanted that soft look in my beds this year.

This past weekend my son graduated from high school. What a whirlwind week. Hubby and I worked hard to make the yard and garden as glorious as it could be for all of our open house guests. We thought it looked great and hopefully our friends and family did too. And because it was our open house - we didn't do anything drastic with that silly juniper yet!

Hopefully I'll have more things blooming in my next post ...


ChrisND said...

Well the Clementine Rose sure seems to match the chives...anything to add color this time of year is nice. Surely after a week of sun - to come soon I hope - things will start to pick up in the gardens....I bet the bees will like all the purple and pinks you have.

Roses and Lilacs said...

Clementine is one I've never grown. It certainly is lovely. I like the double blooms and the fact that it faces upward and not down like most. I'll look for it locally.

Congratulations to your son.

Anonymous said...

This flower is beautiful. i hope you'll post photos after the other colors bloom, too. So, how tall does it get? Is it a sun lover? Does it bloom throughout the summer? So many questions :)

p.s. Congrats to your son and your family.

Susie said...

What a pretty flower and color. I've never heard of the clementine variety before.

Hope you have warmer weather soon. You can have some of mine. We're having 90's and now no rain. Some areas of our grass is already looking scorched.

Connie said...

I'm also a fan of Clementine Columbine. I started some from a package of mixed color seed several years ago, so now have several. I really like the white one, and I have one that turned out to have variegated foliage, which is also a favorite. I think I'll save seed from that one to see if comes back true.

Leann said...

Love to know about your favorite flowers!! Clementine Roses are truly nice!!

Beth said...

We are supposed to have warm, sunny days this weekend. Things have got to come around, don't they??!? I'm really enjoying the pink and purple - it's very peaceful to the eyes.

Good luck finding Clementine! I had never seen it before until last year. The only variety that I am missing is the deep purple. I liked the double blooms too.

Not sure if my other colors will bloom this year. They're still pretty little - much like Clementine Rose was last year. Right now - it's about 24 inches tall and gets partial sun. It bloomed about a week ago so I can't tell you how long it will last but I'll make note of it for a future post. Thanks for stopping by.

Susie: Warm weather is on its way although your 90 degrees sounds pretty good right now ...

Connie: My last purchase was the white - that's interesting to know that white is your favorite color of them. None of the plants I purchased had the variegated leaves - but that sure sounds cool.

Leann: Thanks for stopping by - glad you liked them.

My two acres said...

I have always liked Columbine, but for some reason, I haven't planted any yet. It's a beautiful color. I was in our backyard last night and realized that I had a lot of shades of purple and a little pink: Jacob's ladder, dianthus, petunias. It wasn't even a conscious decision. I guess I am an impulse flower-buyer and the purple and pinks really are soothing.

Beth said...

My two acres (Dawn) - thanks for stopping by!
I'm a TERRIBLE impulse flower buyer. One of my favorite flower shops is closing for the season and the word SALE is all over their white hoop tent. I have no willpower. I feel like they are poor little orphaned babies that need my TLC and a permanent home. Next thing you know, my wallet is $20 lighter.