Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Spring? Soon? Please?

Hello blogging world!

As you can see, we have quite a bit of snow left - and expecting more this weekend. Argh ...
I got a little spring fever today as the temperature hovered in the mid-30s. It was wonderful but I'm afraid it'll be a long time before this white stuff is gone and the region is very worried about spring flooding.

This winter I have noticed lots of deer feeding off remnants of my garden. It's ok I guess. There was a family of deer and how could I deprive that little Bambi of nourishment!

I'm getting ready to order my seeds soon .... that's the fun part! I have enjoyed all the colorful catalogs that make it to my mailbox.

When I'm not enjoying all the seed catalogs, I've managed to watch my favorite show - American Idol! I admit, I'm addicted. And unfortunately to my kids' dismay, I've found Facebook! I have had so much fun. I'm astounded at the number of people that are on there. Young, old - you name they're on there. It's been a blast connecting with friends and colleagues. Just one more thing to keep me on my computer! :O)

Lastly, I mentioned that I took a hiatus from my blog when school started and my son's hockey season rolled around. Thought I'd share this photo from parents night. It's not very often that you can get your teenager to give you a hug - but that night he did and I just beamed. It was so nice ....

Hope everyone is doing well in their corner of the world! Hope to be on here more soon!


Connie said...

Hi Beth, Nice to see you back in blogland. Here's hoping your snow melts, but not so fast it causes flooding.
Great photo of you with your son & hubby!

Susie said...

Beth I was so glad to see a post from you. I've thought of you several times over this winter. Glad to see you made it thru all the snow. Hope it melts for you soon but I hope you don't have any flooding.

The new header looks lovely! It's very springy looking.

That's a great picture of you and your family.

Beth said...

Connie: The snow is melting fast alright - with rain tonight again. We are fairly close to the Red River - not enough to where we have to sandbag. Thanks goodness!

Susie: I promised I would post some snowy photos! I'm experimenting with some new things on my blog just to change it up a little. I'm not nearly as creative as you've been on your blog. I'm glad that you and Connie both liked the photo from hockey. Now I have a graduation to plan only a few months away - I gotta get my garden in tip-top shape!

ChrisND said...

As spring comes (soon?) we all seem to "wake up" more. Too bad the weather today is bringing back memories of December.

All those seed catalogs have been fun to look through...I am just waiting to see when things thaw out. I think this year will be a bit later than last though.

Welcome back...and it is nice you have a good picture with your son!

Johnnny said...

Hi Beth: It's good to see your blog come out of its winter hibernation. Did you see that Michelle Obama is putting in a fruit, vegetable, and herb garden at the CasaBlanca after getting a lot of prodding from Alice Waters, who was recently on 60 Minutes? Maybe after fighting the Flood of 2009, we should all start organic gardening. I feel healthier already!