Saturday, September 6, 2008

Thanks Susie ...

Susie from Digging in the Dirt has bestowed a special blogging award to me, and what can I say, I'm honored!

This whole blogging thing started last year on a whim but I have really enjoyed this endeavor. I have met some of the nicest and most knowledgeable gardeners. I appreciate all of you who have taken the time to comment or even stop by to browse. There are soooooooo many other garden blogs on the web and I am humbled that you happened to stop by mine in little 'ol North Dakota.

As the rules go, I need to nominate other blogs that are worthy of this esteemed award. Some people like to participate and others don't and that's ok. So here they are ....

Linda (Illinois) at Garden Girl. She has my dream job! :O)

Melanie (Long Island, New York) at Old Country Gardens. I learn something everytime I read her blog.

Connie (Idaho) at Notes from a Cottage Garden. A North Dakota girl at heart.

Kerri (upstate New York) at Colors of the Garden. She has some of the most beautiful flowers and photos.

Laurie (Amish Country, Pennsylvania) at From My Garden to Yours. We have similar garden styles and I like to see what's she doing.

Kris (Minneapolis) at Gardens by the Lake. Although Kris is on blog sabbatical, she's the one that got me interested in blogging in the first place. Comeback Kris!

Thanks again Susie!


Kerri said...

Why thank you Beth! That's very sweet of you. It's always nice to be appreciated :) I'm not finding much time to blog lately, so I hope you won't mind if I just say thank you very much and don't pass on the award. I feel like that seems rather ungrateful, but truly, I do appreciate the thought, and am honored to be given the award.
I was just thinking about you yesterday...wondering if you'd like some seed from that rusty colored Gloriosa Daisy. I'm not sure it'll produce the same color blooms, but you could try. If you'd like some let me know your address please. You'll find my e-mail in my profile on the blog. I could send you monarda seeds too if you'd like. Which color (or colors) were you interested in?
Thanks again :)

Susie said...

Hey Beth,

You are more than welcome. I really enjoy reading your blog and learning the differences between northern and southern gardening. And your photos are always great!

Beth said...

Hi Kerri - Thanks for your generosity and I will take you up on your offer!

Susie - Likewise, even though geographically our gardens may be very different, we probably all share the same ups and downs in the dirt! :O) Thanks again.

garden girl said...

Congratulations on your award Beth, and thank you for honoring me as well! I really do appreciate the recognition!