Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Rudbeckia update

I consulted my gardening mentor (former neighbor and master gardener Kathy) and she confirmed that my plants have black spot (see earlier post and ugly photo under "Trials and Tribulations"). Her advice was to just take off the worst leaves. Black spot doesn't hurt the plant, but it is ugly. She also suggested to simply cut it down to the ground and wait until next year (and toss in some fast growing seed of some sort just for this year). Kathy said sometimes rudbeckias do that - leaves and no flowers. She said hers did that a few years ago and this year, they are triple everything.

There is hope after all ... but until than I have to look at a barren patch in my front yard. Gasp!


kris said...

Bummer about the rudbeckia. Good news that it will probably be okay next year. Now, about that bare spot...

Beth said...

I took Kathy's advice and I did cut them down. I did the unthinkable in some people's eyes and I planted a shrub in part of the area. Blasphemous?

I've always been fond of the crimson pygmy barberry and I believe it will create a nice compliment to my juniper that stands as an anchor in my front garden bed. Plus the price was right. Garden centers have their items marked 30-50% off right now, how could I not give it a try?

I am firm believer that a landscape does need some a little "bones" - or a foundation to plan around. Hopefully the red in the barberry will be nice accent to some of the red that I planted this year - which includes the Jacob Cline monarda and the Starfire phlox.

Wish me luck!

kris said...

I think you're right - a few shrubs provide nice accents - especially when you can get them on sale! I do hate to see only evergreen shrubs though!!! My current favorite shrubs are hydrangea - I'm trying to find a place that I can put in one or two of the big ones (need more sun!!).

Your comment about daylilies on my blog: I do deadhead spent blooms on mine. I have some repeat bloomers - but not Stella. I don't know if you have to do anything special to keep them blooming or not. Sorry - not much help, am I?